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      Power Distribution Systems

      Undercarpet Cabling

      The Undercarpet cabling system is a low profile, flexible system that makes even the most complex cabling job in office, retail, or gaming environments simple, economical and beautifully invisible. The cabling to provide power, voice and data services to your equipment can be handled with ease - from desk lights to network connections. If changes are required after the initial installation, you can adjust it to fit your new requirements just about as easily as you move the furniture or retail display fixtures.

      Modular Power Distribution

      The AMPINNERGY? modular power distribution system can be used to deliver power to workstations in raised floor installations through modular office systems furniture panels, retail store display fixtures, gaming fixtures and other methods as allowed by the NEC, CEC and local electrical codes. It offers significant reduction in installation complexity and labor time, and simplifies day two changes. The modular wiring system is available in 5-wire/3-circuit, 8-wire/4-circuit shared neutral, and 8-wire/3-circuit dedicated neutral versions.